This young and fresh looking group has a solid reputation of being one of the hottest and strongest dance bands around. These Europe based singing musicians are always in demand for high protocol events of embassies, 5 star hotels, multinational corporate functions, concerts, clubs, and private occasions in Budapest, Vienna or Munich. They established their name in the cruise line industry traveling the best holiday resorts of the Mediterranean sea, Florida and the Carribbean Islands.

Bandleader, Gabor F. Gabriel drums-vocals, with USA and UK background formed his Gang with educated young talents, bearing professional attitude that you are looking for. Their extensive repertoire contains something for everyone, including jazz standards, dinner music, Rock & roll, Country & Western modern hits of today, classic rock, disco and funky music, R & B, Latin pop and, of course, today's very popular swing music.

We are always happy to dress according to your wishes to suit your event. Versatility, great chemistry on stage as well as fabulous vocals and harmonies make GABOR's GANG a top requested band in Hungary, Austria and Germany and now in the USA cruise line industry. Since March 2002 we performed in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Tunis, Vancouver, California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Grand Caymans, Aruba, Jamaica, Florida, ST. Marteen, ST. Thomas USVI, ST. John USVI and the Bahamas.

"GABOR" Gabor F. Gabriel lead singer and drummer drives his gang with steady hands to success. With professional London, Hollywood and Vegas performing background he knows what the audience accepts and gives them just that. He provides a solid foundation delivering his steady driving in rock, Latin, swing, disco or funky grooves combined flashy drum solos. Sincere, entertaining communication with the audience comes natural to him.

"ESZTER" Eszter Botos lead singer won a nation wide talent contest as a teenager, rewarding her with 2 solo CD contract on Warner Music of Hungary. Her mesmerizing, powerfull voice ables her to select the vocaly most demanding song of the pop rock culture. A bright younglady of constant smiles, she sing and dances while playing the tambourine to the cheering crowds. She is a talent you see once and want to see her over and over again.
"JULES" Gyula Safrany is a concert pianist and lead singer. With favorites ranging from Richard Kleiderman, David Paich Elton John or Ruben Gonzales there is no note left untouched on his 4 sets of keyboard. A master of sound effects he maneuvers with ease to deliver to best synthesizer, Hammond organ, clavinet or acoustic concert piano sounds . His brilliant performance achieves the highest respect even amongst the most critical fellow musicians as well.
"GABE" Gabor Futo's 3 octav range ables him to effortlessly sing gentle, romantic, rock or latin lead vocals while delivering a steady melodic and pumping funky bass. When needed he swithes over to a 6 string guitar electic or acustic guitar to accomplish a full two guitar sound needed in songs by the Beatles, Eagles and some country tunes His smile and dance is a magnet making the audience to ask for more.
"PEPE JOE" Joseph Feigel lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Lukater, and many jazz, Latin and country guitar players, Pepe Joe plays guitar with virtuoso technical ability combined with great sensitivity. He re-interprets the best solos note by note, delivers stunning improvisations in flying guitar sounds with his guitar over his head on his shoulder to the outmost satisfaction of the audience.

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